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One mistake you can make when taking notes is writing too much So instead, write down only things that will help you later when you look at your notes Write words and expressions that you don’t know

I recommend downloading (in PDF format) my free book called, The 5 Step Plan for English Fluency This explains what you need to do so that you can speak English with confidence

If you are trying to understand the story, write important events or names of characters If you’re stopping your audiobook every couple of words to write, you are writing too much Listen, learn and only write the most important things

You learn English grammar naturally, like a native speaker Аудиокурсы для изучения английского языка Огромное количество аудио подкастов (на месяцы, годы прослушивания) от посольства Британии By You can repeat any part of the book as many times as you want

If you just listen to audiobooks, you will learn something But to really learn the most that you can, try using these tips:

Для тех кому больше по нраву американская версия языка

Effortless English Beginner Elementary Intermediate Advanced Business download free лучший аудиокурс английского языка



Learn Languages Online:

Of course, Flow English uses the same great system as Effortless English You understand grammar automatically without memorizing it You feel strong and relaxed when you speak English

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You don’t study grammar rules you learn grammar naturally, like a child

Even if you aren’t a fan of science fiction, you will love the crazy adventures of Arthur Dent, a man who goes hitchhiking (getting rides from strangers) through outer space Narrated perfectly by UK star and comedian Stephen Fry, this book is very funny, but may be difficult to understand It’s well worth a try if you want a challenge

Большой учебник для тех, кто без труда хочет выучить Английский язык

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You use the Effortless English lessons, you write to other members, you make friends all over the world, and you learn to speak English easily I teach you English grammar, but you do not study grammar rules

They are also a great way to learn English Using audiobooks as part of will get you the practice you need to
Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere

You can listen to an audiobook read by a British person to practice

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By now you should have , phrases, pronunciations and more that you learned from the audiobook So practice using what you learned Use your new vocabulary words Talk about what you just read with a friend You’ll be surprised at how much you learned from just listening to someone read a book to you

: This is one of the largest audiobook websites It’s owned by Amazon, and has over 150,000 books for you to listen to It’s not free, but it does have a free 30 day free trial, and if you discover that you love audiobooks, it might be worth getting a subscription

Take a look at what we have and download what you need And then, I would love for you to share these resources with other learners Thanks for being here

Of course these are only suggestions Everyone has different tastes in books, so be sure to find the books that you’re interested in For more ideas you can check Audible’s , or look through ’s audiobook articles and reviews

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